Treescape Design

Tree Research Limited is a treescape design and arboricultural consultancy practice working in the UK and abroad.

Applying the latest in tree science to nursery trees and mature stock, we supply, plant and manage trees in private gardens, public parks and arboreta.

A genuine passion for trees alongside our experience as dedicated arboriculturists has given us an in-depth understanding of a tree's natural establishment and their long-term benefit to the landscape and its biodiversity.

We are renowned for the sourcing, supply, planting and aftercare of mature trees and topiary, which are handpicked from the finest UK and continental nurseries. Along with our mature trees, we supply evergreen topiary and hedging throughout the year.

We believe topiary and hedging establishes more successfully when planted during the summer months, when roots are more active and the soil is warmer.

Charlie’s practice is supported by the talents of a growing team, including General Manager Michael Buck. With 12 years in the horticultural business, Michael has extensive experience sourcing specific trees and shrubs from UK and European nurseries as well as working with some of the top Landscape Architects and Garden Designers in the UK and Abroad.

The Tree Research team draw on a pool of skilled external consultants to offer a comprehensive service for the realisation of a client’s vision, including landscape and garden designers, architects, the country’s leading topiary specialist, dendrologists and ecologists.

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Our work is driven by a passion for trees and an ethic of sustainability. Our treescapes are created to evolve over time and create a seamless continuity between the garden and surrounding landscapes. We aim to enhance the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the land we are working on and choose trees and materials that are both visually and biologically suited to the site. 

We believe that tree health and longevity is best understood by looking at the soil and environment in which they grow. A key component of this is the fungal network (mycorrhiza) in the soil that supports the tree’s immune system.  Often, this network is overlooked to the detriment of tree populations worldwide. 

Using only organic materials, and low-impact forestry techniques, we aim to support the relationship between trees and fungi, thereby improving the soil fertility and supporting the rooting environment of the trees. 

Our holistic approach makes us uniquely placed to ensure that the design and planting of trees is mutually beneficial, to the customer, tree and environment in which it takes root.


Underpinning all of this has always been a profound understanding of the importance of biosecurity - as was highlighted recently by the Highgrove Summit.

Tree Research are constantly updating their knowledge on all such matters and are whole heartedly dedicated to sourcing responsibly from The UK and European Markets from trusted and tested suppliers, only. Tree Research will endeavour to ensure all trees sourced meet that statutory checks that are in place with DEFRA. All species that require APHA mandatory notifications are notified before arrival. 

Tree Research are completely dedicated to preserving the UK tree Health by following the appropriate guidelines set by DEFRA.