Cherington House, Warwickshire

When we began work at Cherington, the manor had been recently renovated, and the house and gardens were in need of colour and vegetation. 

Working very closely with the client, we carefully selected plants best suited for each facade. An extra mature stock of yew, japanese holly, box and Portuguese laurel were used in a variety of forms, to add year round interest and colour against the house and in the gardens. Taller evergreens were planted to offer enough height to soften the expanse of stonework and mullioned windows. Later the topiaries in the borders were interplanted with mixed perennials to form swathes of greens from blue to black, that spill out over the York paving as you walk around the main house.

Further work has included demarcation of driveway routes with mature topiary and trees, the creation of an aerial hedge of evergreen oaks to screen neighbouring buildings, planting of parkland trees and the training of pleached trees and hedging. We have worked our way around the house slowly, helping to establish the key framework trees and topiary planting, from which the garden can now develop.