Greater London National Park City / by Charlie Noton

Street tree planting has seen a worthwhile resurgance in urban design in the UK. The visual and wellbeing benefits are now thankfully recognised, not to mention a certain 'sense of place' that is invoked when walking down a tree lined street. Extensive tree planting schemes are integrated into most social savvy urban development projects these days.

And our ancestors will be thanking us for these initiatives…for example where would we be without the great Platanus x hispanica or London Plane that accounts for over half our capitals tree population, many of which were planted as far back as the 18th century?

Now there is a movement to recognise these green lungs of Londons boroughs with the campaign to recognise a Greater London National Park City. Now for all those landscaping teams planting trees out there…think about how your project is contributing to the bigger picture in that city!

Charlie N Marsden, Director & Lead Consultant