Indoor Plant Installation

Our ethos

Indoor plants are increasingly being embraced in the home, office, workplace, restaurants and communal spaces.
The health benefits are very clear to see, with the psychological and physical effects widely reported on.
We are delighted to be able to offer indoor planting services from design through to installation with maintenance packages to suit all budgets.

Soho House, White City

Soho House, White City

Benefits of indoor plants  

Improved air quality. Plants can:

  • Reduce CO2

  • Oxygenate air

  • Reduce dust / pollutants

  • Lower temperature

  • Increase humidity

Improved Acoustics
Plants can absorb /reflect sound, transforming the acoustics of your building

Positive effect on wellbeing and health
Several studies have shown reduced levels of stress and absenteeism in work places where plants are present.
These same studies have also reported an increase in positivity and creativeness. Plants do create a healthy, positive environment!

Provide a welcoming, beautiful environment
The provision of indoor plants can transform spaces and give your business/home a unique identity, reflecting your brand and supporting your ethos

Our Services

We design, supply, instal and maintain indoor trees and plants

Messums, Tisbury, Somerset

Messums, Tisbury, Somerset

Our design element will start with a visit to discuss:

  • What do you want/like?

  • What is your budget?

  • What will work in terms of light and space

  • Do you have a particular focus e.g. screening, air purifying, aesthetics

  • What level of maintenance do you feel would be practical?

We will discuss your requirements with you, before providing you with an estimate and mood board of ideas. This consultation is complimentary and will be carried out by our Director, Charlie N Marsden or our Procurement Manager Michael Buck.

 Our recommendations would be based on your requirements. We will design a space based on our conversations to make sure the space is utilised to its full potential. These ideas could include trees suitable for indoor spaces, plants from small Bromeliads to large shrubs, indoor trellis for specialised climbing plants, living walls and hanging/wall plants.

We also offer a comprehensive range of pots and planters (including bespoke and antique options) and can source according to your requirements.

The Haybarn, Soho Farmhouse, Great Tew

The Haybarn, Soho Farmhouse, Great Tew

We have a large, trusted network of suppliers across the UK and Europe which has taken over 25 years to build up.
Our specialist indoor supplier, we are proud to say, has a zero C02 footprint. The company calculates their carbon foot print each year (everything from supplier to customer) and supports a project in Africa, planting bamboo to absorb their waste of 1.900.000 kilo CO2 per year.

We take biosecurity very seriously, so we ensure all plants have Plant Passports and have relevant paperwork with the suppliers at all times. Should you wish to source plants locally/in the UK, then we can certainly accommodate these requirements.

We have a selection of plants for your perusal, and also planters and pots ideas. We are happy to advise on what we think would work for your scheme in terms of look and size and also search out further plants and pots, should you have a particular requirement.

Eagle House Atrium, Immediate Media, Bristol

Eagle House Atrium, Immediate Media, Bristol

Our professional planting teams have installed planting schemes in penthouses, private homes, terraces, restaurants and offices. We can access the most inaccessible spaces and have craned trees in on many occasions!
-We work quickly and efficiently around your schedule and can work out of hours to ensure no disruption to routine.
-Should an irrigation system be required, we can install this with the minimum disruption.

We can quote for regular maintenance visits (usually weekly or fortnightly) that includes:

  • Watering and feeding of plants

  • Pruning/trimming/removing dead leaves

  • Pest /disease control

  • Irrigation checks

  • Advice and maintenance of seasonal plants

 Once agreed, an expert maintenance team will be allocated to the contract to ensure any issues or changes were quickly picked up.

 What makes our service special we believe, is our commitment to replace indoor plants within the maintenance plan, so you can be reassured you will not meet unexpected costs. (see our T&C’s)