Crane lift - Chelsea, London / by Charlie Noton

Jonathan Snow approached us to help with a very tricky planting site.

Cheyne Row is a very narrow street in Chelsea, London with very tight access. Jonathan’s remit was simple: plant the trees into a narrow town house garden. The task sounded simple enough until we visited site. The trees, Acer ginnala multistem and a Standard Magnolia grandiflora weighed 4 and 2 tonne respectively.

 After months of planning, several road closures, many parking bays suspended and one 80 tonne crane later we began to lift the trees over a 4 story town house. In between down pours the trees were expertly lifted over into some mammoth planting pits and secured in place with underground anchors. 12 tonne of spoil was also removed from site but the result was superb. It was an absolute pleasure to be involved with this project and certainly up there as one of the most exciting projects for us in recent times.

Many thanks to Jonathan Snow Design for the opportunity to be involved on such an exciting project.

The two trees at the nursery:

Our GoPro gives an amazing view of the London rooftops, whilst Jonathan’s steady hand captured the lift from the outside perspective.

More project images: