Eagle House Atrium, Immediate Media, Bristol / by Charlie Noton

When Immediate Media approached us to help design a space in their new office in Bristol City Centre, we jumped at the chance. 

Charlie, our Director and Lead Consultant came up with a radical idea to fill a 7 story, glass sided Atrium; a suspended 4m tall trees with its rootball encased in a Dodecahedron, bespoke planter framed by climbers and trailing plants at either end of the Atrium.

Planning was soon underway when the team at Immediate Media saw the proposed scheme.

After months of work involving many skilled craftsmen and women, numerous nursery visits from our Procurement Manager, Michael and many meetings on site with structural engineers, we arrived on site in early June 2019.

To install the top, bespoke steel troughs, was a mammoth task. On a scaffolding platform 17m above street level, we irrigated and drained the trough to provide a sustainable solution for what could have been a dead space.

Scindapsus trebie, 5m tall contract grown plants were installed to trail down with some Sanseveria planted to provide some up right interest.In the ground floor planter, Trachelospermum and Dicksonia antartica are planted for high impact interest in a very communal area with in the office space.

 The suspended tree is a Bucida buceras or Black Olive. Suspended in a 1100mm diameter bespoke planter with a built in reservoir, this offers a green chandelier solution to what could have been a wasted space. An open plan stair case in the atrium allows people to admire the tree from any level.

Certainly the most technical installation Tree Research has completed to date.