Myoung Ho Lee

National Tree Week 2018 by Charlie Noton

National Tree Week is the UK’s largest celebration of trees and coincides with the start of the winter planting season - a hugely busy time for Tree Research! In celebration, we have brought together some of our favourite artists and exhibitions of 2018.

Charlie, Director, Tree Research

MONDAY: HUMPHRY REPTON - the last great landscape architect of the 1800’s.
The Garden Museum has a fabulous exhibition ‘Repton Revealed’, which hosts 24 of his amazing Red Books - used to present plans to clients. He used illustrations and before and after overlays - each a work of art in the design and marketing concept alone! Exhibition closes 3rd February 2019.

TUESDAY: Myong Ho Lee
This South Korean photographer and artist places a canvas behind a sole tree with stunning results, showcasing the trees to perfection. Click here to see more of his work as featured in the Yossi Milo Gallery

download (5).jpeg

A combination of sculpture, woodwork and painting contribute to the uniqueness of these works of art. The above three are my favourites and the Pink Oak also raises awareness of the disease Phytophthora and its devastating impact on the Oak population. Please take a look at Henry’s Instagram post for more works @henrybbruce


These amazing photographs are the work of photographer Oliver Barnett, based in South Africa.

Through experimentation with depth of field and other relevant photographic techniques, I attempt to fuse bilateral symmetry, which humans instinctively recognize, with other planes of symmetry such as radial and rotational, which are more prevalent in the natural world of plants and other organic structures. Oliver Barnett

More of Oliver’s work can be found at on his website or in his Instagram feed @oliver_barnett_

The beautiful song ‘If Trees Could Talk’, was released on the eve of National Tree Week. A special song for us as Vee, one half of EarthMantra, is a friend and works as a freelancer for Tree Research. 100% of the profits are going to Extinction Rebellion. To read more or download the single, please check out