Priory, Somerset

Our initial involvement with this historic and stunning estate was to help manage the structurally important mature box hedging and topiary planted throughout the gardens. The plants are key to the garden design and were suffering from extensive blight. We set up an organic treatment program, combining clipping and spraying to control the situation, and the plants are flourishing once again. 

Following this introduction to the estate, we took on maintaining and enhancing a young arboretum. This included general maintenance and formative pruning, together with supplying new trees that would offer a wide diversity in leaves, stem, flower and colour.  We focused on trees that would provide autumnal colour, set between the house and the fabulous back drop off ancient woodland. The trees are currently thriving, and the client adds to the grove on his birthday each year.          





      Elsewhere on the estate, we have planted turkish hazel and hawthorn trees to frame the garden of a recently renovated farmhouse. These were chosen to provide a balance between the formal gardens created and the wilder woodlands that flank the property.

      Our continued involvement with the estate includes the planting of a seven metre tall central turning circle tree (riverbirch), a run of feathered ornamental pear trees used to flank the driveway circle, and further native trees to support the single row of lime trees that line the long driveway to the main house. We continue to plant trees all around the property and manage the new woodlands, topiary planting and veteran trees.