Sustainability Commitment

Our outlook

Our work is driven by a passion for trees and an ethos of sustainability with the environment playing an integral part for the outlook of the business.

Our treescapes are created to evolve over time and create a seamless continuity between the garden and surrounding landscapes. We aim to enhance the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the land we are working on by choosing trees and materials that are both visually and biologically suited to the site. 

Using only organic materials and low-impact forestry techniques, we aim to support the relationship between trees and fungi at all times by simultaneously improving the soil fertility and supporting the rooting environment of the trees. 

On our planting projects, we use only organic and recyclable materials, ranging from compost, ameliorants, ties and supports, sourcing locally where possible.

Our suppliers
We are currently working on becoming a carbon neutral business ourselves, with carbon neutralising packages becoming more and more available.

All our suppliers are long-standing experienced growers that we have built trusted relationships with over the years. We make sure we work with suppliers who are also working hard towards becoming carbon neutral.

Our main supplier of indoor plants is already now carbon neutral - offsetting 1,900,000kg of Co2 per year by supporting a bamboo planting project in Uganda, Africa.

We procure goods, services and materials locally where possible to reduce the overall carbon footprint of our activities, using environmentally sustainable materials where possible e.g. recycled pallets and waste disposal facilities that are environmentally conscious.

Our staff and local policies
The majority of our staff are local to the office, supporting economic regeneration in a rural setting. We have a network of associates in different locations to call on as the job dictates.

 We encourage staff to take part in community projects and as a Company, support schools locally and in Brixton with their gardening clubs.

 Staff travel to meetings by public transport where possible and share vehicles where projects allow for this. Staff are also supported in working from home to reduce travel.